Sally Webb Picture

Sally Webb Picture

I have been involved in the coaching and heavy research on the topics of Attraction, Dating, Seduction,  Cheating and Toxic Relationships for the past ten years or more.

But it doesn’t matter…I am just a girl from next door who, back before all these men knowledge existed in my head, was a total disaster at attracting men let alone dating them. But that was the whole motivation in the first place.

Anyway, I’ll tell you one thing for starter, if you want to be successful in your relationship department, have a genuine desire and reason on why you want to attract men. It is important that you don’t want to learn this just to take advantage of men out there – you don’t want to be taken advantage of do you?

I made mistakes along the way, but personal development is my number one passion. On top of that, I also have a passion to help others – and I happen to be good in relationship department especially on attracting men. I love talking about the world of attraction and I hope to get to know what’s inside my readers’ mind.

Please enjoy my articles.


Sally lives in Australia, and her direct but thoughtful approach offers singles and women in relationship new eye-opening and stimulating insights to decoding the mysteries of the world of men. Whether she has connected with you as her audience, client or reader, Sally’s intellectual boldness and active conscience will give you a whole new approach to getting your relationship and love department fulfilled.

Just for a little quirky fact: Sally has somewhat a quiet exterior with soft-spoken voice. Although, she is very confident with a high self-esteem. She does have a good humor that sometimes sounds super big-headed i.e. “I think I can be addictive to men…”, but overall her deep compassion, caring nature coupled with extensive knowledge have brought new hope to hundreds of women spread across five continents.