The importance of first impression when meeting women

The importance of first impression when meeting women

First impressions are lasting impressions. Therefore, you want to make a great lasting impression with women and you cannot afford not to make a splendidly great first impression with them. It will only take a few seconds for a woman to wholly scrutinize and make an impression about you. Below are the key areas a woman takes note of hence you should improve on in order to make a great first impression;


Smile is a chief ingredient in making a great first impression on a woman. Through smiling, you not only make a great first impression, but also come out as attractive and friendly. Make sure the smile is genuine and do it slowly so as not to send a wrong signal. Most smiles start with another smile; smile and she will smile back at you and have a great impression about you.

Appearance or Style

You should always look presentable when meeting a woman for you to make a great first impression. You have to smell nice and look nicely clean. Poor hygiene is a total turn off to women and a sure way of not getting a second date with them.

Creatively humorous

Being humorous makes your first impression great and magnetic. Women find creatively humorous men attractive and irresistible. So go on, make her laugh in your first few second and her impression on you will be great and lasting.

Wit and Intelligence

Looking intelligent and coming up with witty conversation makes great and lasting impressions with women. Let it be evident to her that you have brains but do not be too showy. Don’t talk too much of yourself because it does not make you look witty nor intelligent.


Confidence sells a man. The way you walk, the way you talk speaks volumes about your level of confidence. Talk with confidence; add a dash of assertiveness and determination and you will score big on your first impression. When talking, let your voice be deep and dominant


The way you present yourself and mingle with other people exposes your attitude. A positive attitude makes an adorable first impression. Avoid cursing words like a plague. Let your attitude be capitalized with ambition. An ambitious attitude makes a great and lasting impression.

Body language

Making a great first impression whilst communicating does not solely depend on what you are saying. Your body language is also very critical in making a great first impression. Thus, let your body language be calm, composed and genuine as this helps the woman to feel safe when she is around you.

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