Top Eight Mistakes Men Make to Instantly Turn a Woman Off – oh Please Avoid That

This is one article that I have written in order for men to know what turns a woman off and how to avoid that.

1. Making lame jokes ESPECIALLY when she is being serious

I’ve had a friend who went out with this guy on a date. She asked him casually “So do you like dogs?” and he quickly replied by saying “Oh yes they are very tasty”. Clearly it was a joke, but a real bad one especially my friend is such a dog lover. I don’t recall them going on another date after that one. If a woman is having a serious talk with you, don’t start making jokes after jokes just in an attempt to escape the serious talk. It wouldn’t work, and it surely turns a woman off.

2. Always wanting to have the last say or opinions on things

Some women want to always have the last say on things, but when men do this, it’s one of the fastest way to turn a woman off. Not only the argument will then continue, you are also putting your position unfavourably in front of the woman’s eyes. This is especially true if the opinion you are putting on the table is irrelevant to the argument you are having.

3. Challenging or laughing at a woman’s value or tradition

I remember I dated a guy who laughed as soon as I told him I was still living with my parents. He didn’t score a second date with me. If there are cultural or traditional difference between you and the woman you are dating, accept what her values are rather than challenge them especially if you still want to see her. And if you really can’t accept her values then move on.

4. Constantly talking about hot women on TV

Women are normally realistic and we know those models and actresses on TV are just hot (Hey, some of us get attracted to them too). But the last thing woman wants is for you to start commenting on how hot Megan Fox is whenever she comes up on TV.

5. Being a natural cheapskate

When out on a first few dates with a woman, foot the bill. She doesn’t expect you to pay every single things that you do and in the long run she knows that she’ll foot some of the bills too. But splitting the bill down to service charge and tip on your first date is just a fast way to turn a woman off.

6. If a woman says no, it means “NO”

One instant way to turn a woman off is being persistence to simply get your way physically or verbally. If you keep on touching her where it’s inappropriate in public when she clearly says no to it, it won’t do you any favour. If your date wants you to stop touching her that is what you have to do. If she doesn’t want to do something, don’t try to sneak in words to convince her that she should.

7. Too clingy and insecure

Especially if you are jealous that she is spending time with her best GIRL friend. Let her keep her friends and get into the idea that a couple does not literally mean you guys are literally being glued to each other. Also, don’t worry if she does have male friends, because if she is being real and trustworthy, you have nothing to worry about. If she is flaky and a cheater though, you don’t want to be with her in the first place.

8. Doesn’t want to listen to her opinion

If a woman starts to say something that may involve asking you for your serious opinions – even on things you don’t like, don’t dismiss it by just saying to her “Stop nagging” or “Let’s not talk about that” or something along that line. Yes she may stop talking about it, but then she’ll instead think about how inconsiderate you are and how she should plan her escape…from you.

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