Are You Ready for Relationship? Four Things to Show That Maybe the Problem is YOU

Sometimes you worry so much about the current guy you are seeing that you forget to ask yourself the question “Are you ready for a relationship?” rather than wondering whether or not HE is ready. Maybe your dating life is ruled by fear of being hurt one way or another, fear of wasting your feelings and emotions on the wrong guy, fear of going through heartbreak once more…

Sadly, those fears people are inclined to feel when a relationship starts to get good would be able to kill the so-called honeymoon period in a flash. You wonder where all those honeymoon period have gone, you wonder if the person you are with is the right one. But ask yourself this: Are you ready for relationship?

1. First of all, you are ready for a relationship if you can keep your fear aside.

Fear is a big thing that can cloud your mind and judgement that even simple steps can look complicated and scary. You gotta deal with this fear and insecurity in a nice effective way. Especially in the early stages of relationship, people (mostly women) need to be reminded again and again that small insecurity feeling is normal. But if you let it take its toll around your life then you have basically invited it to wreck your about-to-grow relationship to pieces…So deal with it in order for you to have the lasting love and genuine intimacy.

Remember, most fear are just that: fear. You may fear that you don’t deserve love, your relationship may die, you may end up heartbroken, etc. However, know that if you have big fear, you will not be able to get close to someone and therefore you are not so ready for a longlasting genuine relationship. So are you ready for relationship? then you should be ready to throw those fear away – or at least put it at bay in the beginning of a new thing.

2. Case of the Ex.

I use to really hate talking about exes. I use to think they are the most annoying creatures that can interfere with any relationship at any stage. But thankfully, I am not like that anymore. If you still somehow think you may get back with your ex or you might want him as a ‘back up’ in case your current relationship doesn’t work out, ask yourself the question “Are you ready for relationship?”, because most likely the answer is a resounding NO.

3. You still feel you are ‘missing out’ or wanting to know your ‘options’.

When you are ready for a relationship you are ready to commit to one person without the subconscious thinking that a newer model and make of your supposedly dream guy will come out anytime soon. If all you think about involves what qualities of other guys that your current one doesn’t have then you maybe are not so ready for a relationship. The grass is not always greener on the other side, and when you still think so, you are still under the illusion that fairy tales such as Cinderella and the likes were all based on true stories.

4. You don’t understand (And never want to) the meaning of the word ‘Compromise’.

Relationship will always involve the word ‘compromise’. You cannot get your way all the time and you have to be ready for a little bit of compromisation. You gotta understand though, the older and the more mature someone is, the more comfortable she is with her way of doing things that ‘compromising’ becomes way harder than it should be. This is why you have to get it down pat that sometimes even Cinderella would have to compromise with her prince on some things (remember that they were based on true stories?)

Lastly, I cannot recommend enough this resource: The Woman men adore… and never want to leave.. Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s him. But there is no harm in finding out how to be that woman that attracts the men around her.

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