Attract Men – Are You Changing Yourself by Becoming a Better YOU?

First impression counts, and if you want to attract men, you should attract within seconds. I have heard many people say things such as “I don’t want to change myself to attract a guy. It simply is not worth it”. Or “The best way to attract men is be yourself because it works in the long run”. But what if I told you there are times you need to play the dating game? And if you don’t think dating is a game at all, let’s look at this question:

How do you define being yourself?

‘Yourself’ includes your hobby, personality, good and bad traits about you, your natural appearance, and finally things about you that you simply cannot change.

So you’re not exactly changing yourself by changing the way you dress, or the way you act. For example, if normally you wear sloppy and casual clothing, no one can complain that you are not being yourself if you decide to wear something neater and nicer especially to attract men. That sloppy and casual clothing is not you; just how you normally dress – and changing that is not called changing yourself. It’s called putting in more effort because you never know when you bump into mr right.

I know that some other books on how to attract men that you might or might not have read in the past are talking about changing yourself. Some books will tell you to change your hobby to adapt to the guy’s hobby. For example, pick up a hobby of ‘watching football while drinking beer’. Okay, I must agree with you. That IS trying to change yourself.

So how do I stay the same – yet attract more men? Well, you need to have an open mind to learn how to communicate to men in an attractive way. And what does that mean?

1. Make sure your body language is attractive

If you are a confident woman, it will show in your body language. But if you are not so confident, then I’m telling you to fake it til you make it. Here are some things you can pay attention on:

– stand up straight; have a good posture. Standing like a slouch is sending a message that you are depressed.
– pay attention you don’t lean forward too much when you talk to a guy (Somehow it sends out a slight desperate signal).
– smile.
– look into the other person’s eyes when talking to them.

2. Pay attention to your tone of voice

Your tone of voice is not part of yourself. It’s how you are used to talk. It’s the way you are used to communicate yourself. What you want is a little ‘make up’ for your voice such as talking slower and clearer. A make up on your voice just makes you SOUND…sexier. This rings to a man’s ear and work wonders to attract men out there. It’s that simple.

Oh, by the way, if you practice putting on nice voice for some time, you’re going to ‘change’ and this change is inevitable. Meaning that you don’t have to even put on a’voice’ next time you are talking to other people. It just becomes part of you (The same you with a better habit).

If you haven’t already, I recommend you pick up a book The Woman Men Adore by Bob Grant. It is actually a very good book to improve your self confidence – that will inevitably change your body language to be more attractive to men. Not only that, it also gives you ideas and tips on what works in a relationship.

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