Why Didn’t He Call After the First Date? Great Date But He Doesn’t Call

Why Didn’t He Call After the First Date? Great Date But He Doesn’t Call

Ladies! Following up on my last article on the rules of calling men , I kind of implied that when a man doesn’t call you can call him first. But didn’t I say there is actually a limit for that?

Yes you can call a man first but NOT a man who is clearly not interested in you. This will put down your confidence and self-esteem, that’s the last thing I would like you to feel. But then I have heard that still, many women out there NEED some kind of rule – REAL rules on what to do when it comes to calling men.

I guess, it is probably because most of the times common sense flies out the window when you are so interested in someone, and time seems to slow down a lot. It feels like you haven’t heard from him for months already when in fact he only hasn’t called you for a day. This may lead you to call men again and again that it disturbs his day up until he labels you a ‘stalker’.

So ok, I do admit that the subject of calling men you date may be rather confusing at times and not knowing how to handle the issue of men who doesn’t call you properly can backfire on you severely. Depending on who I talk to (women), it really makes a difference on who calls who (some women simply gain confidence to wait for a man to call her and therefore able to date better.)

Even after knowing the common sense, many women feel like she still doesn’t know how to call a man she is dating. Calling men gets even more complicated when a guy is not calling you and you really want to get him to call you. What do you do? How do you go about handling the issue with confidence and composure without being perceived as needy or pushy?

Now I also realize that where some women are good to date without rules, some women need strict rules in the beginning of the dating stage with a new man, because they tend to SUBCONSCIOUSLY do all the things that may wreck a perfectly good start such as calling men when they feel desperate, when he’s not calling back, and when he simply is not interested.

It gets blurry and it is not easy to figure out. But ok, I’m not the type of person who writes strict rules when it comes to dating, but for some of you ladies that feel like you really want everything about calling men laid out for you then I would strongly advise you to check out this page: Why men pull away and what to do about it.

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