Creative Dating Ideas – Make Your Date Fun, Unique And Unforgettable

First of all, women can, and should, come up with creative dating ideas too. Really, too many women think it’s solely up to the men to come up with the ideas, and they go along with it. But did you know that as a woman, coming up with the great dating ideas can give you many advantage including making the date fun, unique, and most importantly, make HIM come back for more.

No, he’s not going to come back for more creative dating ideas, and steal them so that HE can be creative on his next dates. But he’s going to come back for more because when YOU came up with the great ideas (which seems unplanned, we’ll talk about that later), the date becomes unique, and naturally it would help the development of attraction. It will help him find you more attractive.

Ok, lets first rule out the first big three: movie, dinner and drinks. They are too normal that if your man is popular (just pretend that every guy is popular before you actually nail him down into a relationship), the date becomes average that the focus is solely making a connection based on the conversation alone. Trust me, it can be done, but you’d rather make it easier on yourself, especially if you tend to get nervous on first dates.

So what are some of the creative dating ideas?

First one would be doing things that involve some action. I’m talking about bushwalking, rock climbing, or bike riding. Men bond with you better when put in a situation where he gets to do stuff. This is because he would be excited and he would associate YOU with his excitement. You can even have ‘coffee breaks’ to carry out some real conversation. This is great, you’ll get to spend more time with him to build that excitement association, AND you will have some real conversation in between.

I know, I know, many women are so not into sport, and if you’re like me (Lazy couch potato) other creative dating ideas can be slightly less extreme such as bowling followed by laser skirmish, and the great arcade games. You can even make him feel great by being ‘impressed’ by his whack-a-mole skill. Oh don’t feel old, that is the whole point of it, you need to bring out the childish part of you sometimes.

Want other creative dating ideas that are even less extreme?

Oh come on, they are not extreme aren’t they? Well, you can also try this (This works for one of my friend SO well). Imagine you are a tourist in the country that you live in, where you appreciate the night city scenery of the city that you are in. Go for a stroll close to the water while looking at the night scenery. You can then be spontaneous and catch the ferry or water taxi while you are at it. (Just to make sure we’re on the same page, ferry or water taxi is NOT a formal dinner cruise, they are cheaper.)

And if those ideas are still not enough to get you started, try the theme park. Height can definitely give your guy some adrenaline rush and again, excitement associated with you. However, as a rule of thumb though, don’t just focus solely on creating the super creative dating ideas for your dates, because you want to be interested in it as well. At the end of the day, YOU need to like the idea you are putting on the table because a woman who is having fun on the date is definitely more attractive than a woman who is just pretending to like the date. Hey, you came up with the ideas.

You would be surprised how creative dates can help natural development of attraction between you two. As well as trying new things, check out this book called 300 Creative Dates – basically great creative dating ideas for you to try, and I can guarantee you will NEVER run out of great things to do – without doing the hard thinking yourself. Get 300 Creative Dates here.

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