Dating Exclusively – When Is The Right Time?

Dating Exclusively – When Is The Right Time?

Dating could be fun and beneficial in so many ways. However, it can also turn out hurtful if you stumble on a guy who loves to flirt around town even when he is already dating you. This is really harsh yet it does happen. There are really just some men who are unsure of what they really feel so they tend to go on looking for the right girl for them by having multiple partners. (Which is kinda allowed if you’ve just started dating, but when is he dating you exclusively?) Not to mention there are also some who just feel that they are the reincarnation of Don Juan De Marco. So, as a girl seriously looking for the right guy, when can you expect a guy to date you exclusively?

1. You can expect a guy to date you exclusively when he spends more time with you.

This can be easily seen on a type of guy who likes to socialize with his friends or with other people. Basically, you will know that a guy will exclusively date you when he spends a lot of quality time with you. And, by quality time, this does not include one day of seeing a movie, having dinner together, cuddling, plus a steamy night. That is not even quality time, that can just be a plain booty call.

Also, notice WHEN do your dates tend to happen. Saturday night with some planning in advanced? Great. Week nights mostly last minute phone call? Not so great.

2. You can expect a guy to date you exclusively if he has already deleted his dating site account.

Supposed you met your guy through a dating site, you will know that he is or he will be exclusively dating you once he shuts down his account on the dating site that he is using. Moreover, if he ever does speed dating, you can also know that he is already serious with you once he stops attending such dating activities. If he still does not close his account or stops attending speed dating, then this is synonymous with hanging out in a singles bar. Disconnecting from such activities is a big sign that your man is committed to you and that you will soon be dating a man exclusively.

3. What about his history?

You may also inquire from your man how long has he dated his ex’s before he became aware that they are the wrong person for him. From this information, you will be able to gauge how he dates women. For instance, if he usually dates for 6 months before going exclusive, then you can wait the same amount of time. On the other hand, if you have been going on dates for more than 6 months, which is past his “getting to know more” time, you can then bring up issues about exclusivity.

However, it does not mean that dating a man exclusively signifies you are already made and matched forever and committed to the ups and downs of each other. Dating a man exclusively just means that you are open to explore more about each other, move forward, and build a relationship that would last long and maybe could endure forever.

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