Do You Have The Bad Boy Syndrome?

Ah, the oh-so-famous bad boy syndrome. The charming boy who is confident, socially adept, great sense of humour and basically sending invitations to women out there to just ‘tame’ him. Now I must admit that I am never really into bad boys, maybe because I’m just lazy and changing someone just takes too much work. But after talking to a few friends, I know that this syndrome is very real. In fact, it is so dangerously real to the point that these women will brush off nice guys in front of their eyes just because they don’t give off the whole ‘bad boy aura’.

Most women who love bad boys are competitive in nature, and no matter how much they believe it, they don’t want to be ‘just the girl next door’. They love recognitions and achievements in pretty much everywhere, including the guy they are able to ‘tame’. Basically, it’s a trophy factor. They want other girls to look at them and wonder how they can nail that cute devilish boy who seems to treat everyone badly – except her. They want to be ‘cool’ and they want someone with popularity (which bad boys seem to have).

But seriously, breaking it down to an objective level, aiming for bad boys is not exactly healthy. The fact is, bad boy is charming because he is too used to flirting (with pretty much everyone who crosses his path). And he is popular with the girls because he makes every girl feels like she has a chance. It’s our nature to try to change this – and to try to get through his bad boy-ness and into his other soft side (if any) – but it’s not going to work. Again, trying to change someone is just a waste of time.

So what are you supposed to do?

Well, the next time you have a potential date who seems too nice, don’t brush it off with ‘Oh, there’s no spark’ straight away. Yes, maybe he opens up quickly to you; maybe he doesn’t succeed in ‘treating them mean to keep them keen’ aspect; But in the long run, this is the kind of guy you’ll need. You want a guy to cuts up fruit for you when you’re sick, instead of going out socialising. Give nice guys a chance.

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