How To Be More Attractive to Men Instantly in Three Simple Steps

First of all, if you really want to know how to be more attractive to men, you’ve just got to stop idolizing those air-brushed supermodel pictures appearing in magazine covers, because they are air-brushed or at least, wearing best cosmetic by the best professional. You can’t compete with that and most importantly, men are not that superficial in the first place so don’t worry ladies.

Plus, despite everybody wanting to be more attractive, competing with ridiculous beauty standards is tiring and unrealistic. Unless your name is Barbie (which means you only look for men by the name ‘Ken’), you will be real. Don’t you think it is good news that women don’t have to waste so much money on plastic surgery, hair extensions and cosmetic tattoos just to be more attractive to men. After all, you only need to attract men you want to date, and beauty is in the eye of beholder. So if you want to know how to be more attractive to men, simply do the following steps:

1. Never fake a laugh, or a fake grin

There is nothing less attractive than faking ear-to-ear grin or laugh. Next time you go to a coffee shop with your friends, look around you and you will bound to see a couple where one of them is faking the laugh. You will then know what I mean. But really, a guy is not dumb, he will know if you are faking your laugh or grinning unnecessarily, and it will do the opposite effect rather than to make you look more attractive. But despite saying so, please be generous with your smile, just make sure they’re real.

2. Be Confident of Who You Are

No one can judge how attractive you are but yourself. That is the truth. Basically, if you know you are attractive (and you really know), others will not disagree with you. Not only you will be more attractive to men, you will also be more attractive to people in general – talk about getting more friends, more invites to social events and hence…more MEN.

3. Dress to flatter your assets, not fashionable

Men are visual creatures, and men do not give a damn about the ‘latest fashion trends’ in Cosmopolitan. Many women dress to impress other women, not men. So if you’d like to impress your best sex-in-the-city little lady gang, put on the newest fashion trend, not to forget the designer expensive bag and the ‘new winter look’. But keep in mind that if you want to know how to be more attractive to MEN, not to your girlfriends, then learn how to dress to flatter your assets – whether or not it’s the latest trends.

Plus, it’s probably better to own something that last longer than just three months, it saves money and it’s a sure way of saying what you wear is definitely classy. So if you think you are gifted somewhere e.g. your backside, or your top-front, flaunt them, just show what you got (without being trashy of course). Find clothing that works for you EVERY time and stick to them. Men doesn’t care less if you are wearing a pair of jeans from four seasons ago, so go and grab a great flattering-your-bum jeans from the ‘last season’ in the next sass & bide sale and go with them.

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