How to Finally Stop Dating the Wrong Guys and Meet Someone Right

How to Finally Stop Dating the Wrong Guys and Meet Someone Right

Last night a friend of mine just called me and told me about being dumped by a guy…again. It’s like history repeating itself. The person is different, but the relationship feels the same. She then asked me, “why do I always attract the wrong guys? how do I stop dating the wrong guys?”

It does feel like that doesn’t it? It feels like you are going through the ground-hog day over and over again on your relationship. And how do you stop?

The only way to stop dating the wrong men is to do something different.

Know that it’s a number game

First of all, you need to know that dating is a number game. The more you date, the more chance you will find someone right. Also, the odds are not exactly in your favour i.e. chances are, you’ll find someone wrong. Good news is, by the time you find someone right, you can stop looking (or dating).

If you are with the wrong guy, get out of it right now!

This is easier said than done. But as I said before, chances are you’ll find heaps of wrong men before you find someone right. The problem is, when you’re dating someone you will look at him through some kind of rosy glasses. And you’re so over dating that you’re just hoping he’s the right man.

Well no.

If he’s the wrong guy, you’ve got to break it off. Chances are, you’ll know this quite early in the relationship. Does he have a trait that is your absolute deal breaker? (think of things like smoking, have cheated on a partner…everybody has different deal breakers) well then don’t make an exception.

If you want someone who respects you in a certain way and you figure out that he doesn’t, don’t think that he’ll change. He won’t.

Just know this. He is not the last man on earth and you CAN do better. Have a look at my post 5 Signs you should dump your boyfriend.

You Have to Change Your Belief

When you believe in something, it will somehow manifest itself. So if you believe you will end up with the wrong guy again, guess what? you will attract them even more.

Say this to yourself every morning when you wake up: “I am NOT destined to meet and end up with the wrong man” “I deserve someone right for me”.

Date someone different – not the usual type

Think about your own history. Do you always date the same type of men? Do you instantly ‘dismiss’ a man because he’s not your usual type? Or maybe you go out with them because he reminds you of someone familiar (aka your ex) in the first place.

Don’t be too picky before you go on dates. You won’t connect or even have fun with everyone you go on dates with. But how do you know that shy guy is actually quite funny when you get to know him?

If something is ‘wrong’ with the guy you’re dating, don’t try and FIX it

It’s women nature to try and ‘fix’ and rescue the guy they’re dating with. You may have that urge. You may feel sorry for a guy you’re dating because he was born an orphan and therefore, he is a bit detached, bla bla. No. You have to start being real.

You are looking for Mr right, not a patient you can play ‘psychologist’ on.

Final thought

You won’t stop attracting the wrong men, because they are everywhere. But you can stop dating them. Dating them is actually your choice. I’m not saying it’s easy to get out of ANY relationship (no matter how bad it is), you just have to do it.

And know this: you deserve real love and you are definitely worth it!


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