How To Get Guys to Like You – Wish You Knew It Was This Simple…

This question “How to get guys to like you?” comes up so many times now, and after researching for the answer myself, I realise there simply aren’t much information out there to arm the ladies with what they really need. It is no wonder many women just leave it to luck and fate when it comes to getting guys to like them. It is also no wonder that many women settle with second best out of her fear of not being able to settle down with the man of their dreams sometime in the future. Guess what? It doesn’t have to happen to you.

I realise answering the actual question on how to get guys to like you may not be easy, and believe it or not this whole question can be answered in one thick and very attractive book. However, I am going to try my best to simplify it so that this article alone will arm you with instant knowledge on how to get guys to like you and boost your chance to get men by heaps.

1. Confidence and mind reality.

No matter how many times I have said this – and in any form – confidence and mind reality are the most important substance you need to have in order to get guys to like you. In fact, even if you don’t even know this guy as yet, you will be able to use your confidence alone to turn his head and notice you. Once you have that believe in yourself, you will be able to start the journey of getting the man of your dreams.

2. Know exactly what men find attractive – I’m talking about the superficial outer look here.

One of the first things that we usually notice when we meet someone is their physical appearance. When it comes to guys, physical appearance is even more important since we now agree that they are very visual creatures. Pay attention on your physical appearance. Go to the gym, take good care of your nails and hair, and most importantly pay more attention on how you dress. Wear things that flatter your assets (note: assets guys normally are attracted to are of course, chest, hips, bum, face or legs). So pay attention to those assets you’ve got.

3. Alluring body scent will be one top way on how to get guys to like you.

Many women overlook this but do you know that guys respond to smell that lingers in their mind long after you are gone? Find perfume that works well with you (Not all perfume suit everyone), and stick with that. Find yourself a signature smell so that guys will associate that with you. You would be surprised on the effect. Oh, try not to change your laundry detergent too often as well.

4. Love your life as much as possible.

This last one is very simple yet very hard to do. However, it is the most effective technique on how to get guys to like you when compared to the three pointers above. Have you ever heard a guy friend of yours tell you “there is something about Mary”, and he cannot quite point out what is it that is so attractive in her? Well, a woman that loves her life is very attractive. A woman that loves her life does not drop her routine for a new guy in her life. She will not ditch a good friendship for a ‘potential’ relationship. She respects the guy’s time as to not calling him repeatedly during the football match. She is secure, and simply loves her life.

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