How to Instantly Look Sexier by Just Knowing This One Secret

Do you want to know one simple secret many women have used to instantly look sexier? Of course you do. After all, we all know that men are visual creatures to an extent and unless you’ve got the so-called WOW factor, it’s kind of hard to make them want to know your personality.

Well, I have looked around everywhere but funny enough, many women tend to overlook this simple secret despite the many hints men drop everywhere. Tell me, have you ever heard (maybe many times you’ve heard) a man say to his friend or to you: “I really love nice eyes” or somewhere along that line? Couple that with many eye make-up products out there, you know the secret. Men love sexy eyes.

Now the question is, how can you make your eyes look sexier? What if you’ve got that dull eyes and what if you are not so gifted? Here is the good news, any woman can make her eyes look instantly sexy by doing the following:

1. Pay attention to the eyelash

Longer, thicker eyelash will make you instantly sexier. I am sure you’ve heard this before from some mascara advertising, but you might not have been too convinced. Of course, this may mean getting up in the morning earlier before you go to work to put on sexy mascara as well as taking longer time to wash and remove it in the end of the day, but it’s worth it. Though, some women go with the option semi-permanent eyelash extension as well as the DIY glued-on fake eyelashes.

2. Plug your eyebrows

No matter how lazy you are and how trimmed your real natural eyebrows are, you really need to plug and shape them. This will surely make your eyes look sexier in a heartbeat. I normally leave this to the professional, but if you’re confident you can do it yourself, then by all means do it!

3. Get rid of the eye bags

I use to photo-shop models for magazine covers, and the first thing I did was to get rid of the eye bags. That would instantly (and I mean, instantly) make you look sexier. Though, I understand getting rid of the eye bags is not so easy. So do the following: for short term, apply nice foundation a shade lighter than your face color. For long term, go for the facials, eye creams, or the plain cucumber.

4. Top secret: Learn the bedroom eyes technique

If you wear contact lenses, try to go for the lenses that will make your eyes look bigger and sparkly. If you don’t, learn this technique. Basically, focus your eyes on the part on the other person’s face that look most attractive to you, this will make your pupil go larger and hence look sexier. Also, remember when I mentioned about getting longer eyelash earlier? Well, the longer your eyelash are, the harder it is for the eyes to receive light. Therefore, your pupil will naturally get bigger in order to adapt to it. So there you go, bedroom eyes secret can be easily done.

Trust me that once you learn this eyes technique you will look instantly sexier. Your man will not even know what has hit him and will say something along the lines of “Something’s different in you, so sexy, but I don’t know what.” You’ll probably hear the word “hot” associated with you more often and that my friend, is a super confidence booster.

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