How To Instantly Turn Men Off On The First Date – and Find Out If You Are Doing It

The reason why I’ve written this article about how to instantly turn men off on the first date is because so many times I’ve seen a woman getting ready and excited about a first date with a so-called ‘potential good boyfriend material’ guy, only to blow it off completely before she even has the chance to say “So, how about a second chance such as another date?”

So The following are ranking quite high up there, basically common things that women do to turn men off instantly:

1. Telling embarrassing stories that make you sound obnoxious is not a very good idea on the first date. We know that story never fails to make everyone in your ‘friends and acquaintances’ group laugh, but you really don’t want to risk it.

2. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this that men are very visual by nature, and you really don’t want to wear fashion that just completely doesn’t suit you or make you look like crazy fashion victim.

3. Do not keep the fake grin glued to your face. Do not laugh excessively either at all of his non-funny jokes. This will surely send out the desperate aura – best way to turn men off by far.

4. Do not try to act cute and completely out of your character. If you are strong-willed career minded women, don’t start putting on the baby voice or refer to yourself as a third person. This will instantly turn men off as they will find this ploy annoying.

5. Do not try and dig into how much he makes for a living. Knowing what he does is quite enough for you to do your own research, seriously. So no need to turn men off, just do your own research 🙂

6. While showing a bit of skin is sexy, showing too much skin and being scantily clad is just going to make you look cheap. That will surely turn men off.

7. Resist the urge to refer to your past relationship as this will turn your date off completely. Imagine you are telling him something like “I have a big family of 8 brothers and sisters” only to hear a comment from your date “Oh! My ex had 9, she had a crazy big family as well…” You get the idea.

8. Have some opinion yourself and don’t be a ‘Yes Woman’. Agreeing to everything that he says is not going to make a guy like you more. In fact, it could be a major turn off for most.

9. Be sober. I don’t care how you think alcohol will ‘relax you up’ a little bit, you have to be sober. “Drunk women talking – or shouting” is the fastest way to turn men off.

10. Realise that this is a date not a marriage interview. So resist the urge to hint in on what the future is going to be like. Pretend that you do not care about whether or not he will be part of your future…at least for now.

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