Top 10 Signs He Is Just Mr Right NOW

You’ve met a new guy few times – drunk or sober – you wonder if he is a long term keeper (marriage material), or only mr right now. So here they are, the top 10 signs to tell you he may not stay for long:

1. You suddenly don’t know anyone else – your world revolves around him and you only – for now. Normally, you forget you had friends before him, temporary gone AWOL from your normal social group.

2. Contrary to number 1, he is also a fling if you meet up with him too infrequently. There’s no regularity – you’re not sure when you’re going to see him next.

3. Your meetings always consist of any of the following: alcohol, dancing, other friends/groups, and usually the night will end in the sack.

4. You don’t have proper conversation, it’s either the meeting place is way too loud to hear what he’s saying anyway, or you are busy doing ‘something else’ with him.

5. If you do talk, the conversation is so not important and no one is expected to listen to each other properly.

6. You don’t know much about him other than what he looks like.

7. You’ve heard or seen him out and about with other girls – and he makes no excuse for it.

8. He TELLS you he’s not ready for relationship. Ladies, take notice that you can’t change these things. If he’s not ready, don’t think that after persistence and hard work, he’ll change and become ready for marriage and/or kids.

9. He’s not living here permanently, or YOU are not living here permanently i.e. one of you is on vacation or some temporary work arrangement.

10. He’s mysterious i.e. despite him being super sweet when he’s around, it feels like he drops off the planet as soon as you end a date.

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  1. ReplyFrance

    Don’t be in a rush. And remember, the next guy you date prablboy won’t be the guy you marry and spend the rest of your life with, so treat it for what it is at first a chance to be out of the house and enjoy some mature, adult conversation. Relax. Don’t expect miracles right away. Enjoy dinner or coffee. If it makes you feel better, go dutch on your first few dates and be empowered to choose the place, etc.Obviously your children will come up at some point. So will your divorce. But you want to know if the other person is interested in YOU, not your past, and all things will be discussed in good time.

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