Top Ten Reasons Why You Are Not Dating The Right Men…Yet

Here are the top ten reasons why you still are not dating the right men, finding jerks or men that you are not even half attracted to instead .

1. You are not open to meet new people and friends, you simply disregard online dating or speed dating because you think they are only for losers.

2. You are not interested in trying new places such as new restaurants, bars and clubs.

3. You do not make any effort to look your best. In fact, you look kinda daggy most of the time. Who else is into the worn-out sweatpants you love so much? Uh exactly, not the kind of men you want to be dating.

4. You are very negative about things. You are not confident with yourself and as a result you don’t radiate the sweet confidence air men are secretly craving. You have secret fear that you can never be dating the right men.

5. You play TOO hard to get, and you don’t even show any man you like that you are in fact…interested. Dating is all about you as you don’t want to give the smallest piece of your emotion to anyone else due to fear of rejection or fear of getting hurt.

6. You have the habit to laugh at the person you are with rather than with him. You have poor taste of jokes and you cannot take any joke yourself.

7. You are so not open and it shows in all your body languages and your tone of voice i.e. you cross your arms while talking, and you talk in the most boring tone of voice ever. This is all because you are not interested in the person, because your idea of dating the right men is about dating someone tall, dark, handsome, with the greatest job, and no less.

8. You radiate big desperation air around you. Basically, you have the idea that every date should really turn into marriage, so you demand a long explanation if the man you are dating has not called you within 24 hours of meeting. You can’t be dating the right men like that because men get turned off by desperation.

9. You simply don’t smile enough. Believe it or not, most people love a great smile. So even if you think your smile is not all that great, just do it! You’ll be surprised how many men will fall head over heels with that smile of yours 🙂

10. Lastly, is the greatest mistake of all. You don’t want to change in order to create change. You are accustomed to your old way of dating men and you simply blame men when dating the right men seems to be a challenge for you. Maybe that’s not the only reason why those men stop calling you.

Good luck.

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