The Story of A Princess and A Frog

Once upon a time there was a lovely princess stranded on an island. The island, strangely enough, is full of ponds.. and each pond consist of different kind of fish. She doesn’t know any other challenging activities apart from fishing. One by one some exotic fishes got caught in the hook. She hasn’t got a clue of what type of fish they are except they don’t taste as good as they look.

Amazingly, it’s not only fishes that the princess encountered. She’d also dipped her foot into crocodile pond- and yes she did get bitten in the end and left a scar, pond full of water snakes that she got choked until she couldn’t breathe, and pond full of piranha that she wouldn’t even dare to enter.

The last pond she visited was a frog pond. She remembered thinking “hm..frogs are harmless, aren’t they?” So she kissed a couple of frogs despite their wet skin taste. All of a sudden there comes this tadpole with glossy spotty skin, enticing her: “princess, if you kiss me long enough I will turn into prince charming!”

So the princess did as what the frog told her.. desperately hoping it would soon turn into a gorgeous prince. After she had kissed the frog for few months, it filled her brain with fantasies. She hallucinated so much that she got intoxicated and lost her sense. The more she kissed the frog, the more hopes and dreams she had. Somehow along the way she felt that this frog is not good for whatever reason.

Luckily it didn’t took her too long to realize the hopes and dreams were nothing but deception and empty promises. The princess figured out that the frog she’s been kissing is a poisonous one, which will bring her to slow death and pain. She left the cute frog with her last strength and paddled into the sea.

As she swam across the ocean, few dolphins encircled her. She paddled and paddled until there’s a kind fisherman who’ll rescue her and bring her to a safe land.

Moral of the story? In the dating world, you will meet a lot of jerks, manipulative bastards and all those cruel men who are going to break your heart into pieces. You just have to put yourself out there and don’t waste your time on someone who’s unworthy of your affections. Surround yourselves with people who appreciate you. Never give up on love; a prince charming will find you one day…….

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  1. ReplyMary Fenell

    Hi Jennifer A Vox,
    Thanks for the above, I remember reading Katherine Mansfield’s story ‘The Garden Party’ during a sixth form lesson and finding its indirect, impressionistic style haunting and yet real. Mansfield’s young protagonist Laura discovers death’s centrality to her existence one summer afternoon and the story’s slow, elegiac tone reveals her maturing acceptance of life’s final inexpressibility. ‘Isn’t life -‘Laura attempts to say near the end; her inability to add a question mark, an acknowledgment of her sudden humility.

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