Does true love exist ?

What if you had a second chance to find true love..

That was the tagline of a chick flick drama titled Letters to Juliet. Starring Sophie, a (half) engaged woman who flew to Verona in Italy with her fiancé for a pre-honeymoon holiday. However their plans changed and Sophie found herself glancing through a memorial spot for women to write letters in order to find their true love.

She came across one letter written by Claire in England dated 50 years ago. Sophie wrote back to Claire, and few weeks later Claire came to Verona. She wishes to find her missing lover, Lorenzo. From there on Sophie accompanied Claire (who came with her grandson Charlie) to find 74 different Lorenzos in the area.

During the journey, Sophie found herself falling for Charlie – a skeptic in the name of love. Short story, Claire finally reunited with her long lost love. Sophie came back to New York with her fiancé and realized she didn’t love him after all. She later returned to Verona to attend Claire and Lorenzo’s wedding and started a new chapter with Charlie. Happy Ending!

Women everywhere around the globe, all ages and backgrounds, are searching for the kind of love that Sophie experienced. We all want a happy ending story like Sophie’s, but how many of us ever experienced true love? Some of us are stuck in a relationship with men who don’t appreciate us, who treat us like shits, take us for granted, lay their hand on us, or simply never pop up the question.

Sometimes we question ourselves – does true love exist? Does destiny really happen? In the movie, Sophie mentioned to Charlie: “It’s destiny that brought me to you.” Sophie is a classic example of modern women these days – she’s got a career, found her perfect partner, and hoping to walk down the aisle with the love of her life.

Realistically, things don’t always go according to what you’ve planned. When you find yourselves stuck in a rut or things are not working like you’d imagined, you need to take immediate decision for your life.

Dating, heartache, loneliness, depression, losing self esteem are just a phase that we need to go through before finding happily ever after. If you felt that you’ve dated far too many jerks and get your heart all mashed up, chances are you’ll be quite resentful and hopeless about finding true love. It’s not an easy task but we need to keep positive of what’s ahead of us. We need to believe that better things will await us. Throughout my experience, I learn that the more you get your heart broken, the more you discover yourself better. You realize what you want in a relationship and in time will attract the ones you have in mind.

Finding yourself jumping in the dating maze after series of brokenhearts is not fun, it’s rather scary. The trick is to treat dating like a game to reach the million dollar prize. You are not alone in the dating jungle so don’t feel like a loser if you haven’t found your true love yet. After all, not all women are as lucky as Sophie.

Remember.. dating is an elimination process and there’s a huge prize waiting to be claimed on the other end. Every dating failure is a journey, and every asshole you meet will eventually lead you to the right one. And always… always love yourself first before others!



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    I’m sick of these gurus will tell you how to attract women and talk to them, get their phone numbers and call as many days later. when it comes to initial attraction and always numbers and all I am one of the best at that. what’s next? nobody has anything to say.

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