How To Text a Guy You Like Without Sounding Desperate

How To Text a Guy You Like Without Sounding Desperate

You had a great night, an amazing date. He was such a gentleman, he even picked up the tab. It’s now the next day and you’re getting a little nervous. If you think of him enough, maybe you can get him to contact you telepathically? somehow?

In this blog, I’d like to share with you how to text a guy you like without sounding desperate, because that’s the last thing you want to do right now. You don’t want to scare him away.

Don’t text him very early in the morning, wait until at least midday

The three-day rule no longer applies. You can text him the day after you had a great date. After all, you gotta let him know that you are interested. But let’s not text him first thing in the morning, because first of all, his brain probably doesn’t work yet – most guys are like walking zombies in the morning.

Say more than just ‘hello or hi’

You may think that by just saying ‘hello’, you are only telling him that you’re thinking of him without asking him to commit to the next date. But really? at most you’re going to get a ‘hi’ back. What are you going to do after that? At the very least, say “Hey, how are you?”

Oh, and words matter. Saying “what are you up to?” sounds more like a booty call for some reason. So stick with the simple ‘how are you’.

Focus on a next date

You don’t want to be caught in endless texting especially after first date. If the guy is interested, he would want to see you again. So maybe use texting as a mean to arrange your next date and leave the conversation for when you meet in person.

Do not text more than once before he replies

This is a rule I live by. Once you send a text to the guy, he gets it. If you both are on iPhone, you can even tell when he’s read your message. So don’t send another ‘follow up’ text to say “did you get my text?” or “why haven’t you replied back?”

And remember, if he hasn’t replied back it doesn’t always mean he’s not interested. He may be waiting to text back in case you think he is too desperate; he may be out and about without his phone or at a birthday party etc. If you text him more than once, it’s just going to scream ‘desperation’ for when he finally gets your text.

But what if he’s genuinely just not texting back because he’s not too interested?

Well you’ve just saved yourself some dignity of not texting again and again. After all, you DON’T want to go out with someone who’s not really into you.

Rule of thumb: think of him as Mr Right-Now at the moment

Let me explain. After the first date, women think so far ahead into the future whereas guys don’t. Most women have already evaluated this guy whether he would make a perfect long term partner, a great dad, etc. Most guys just remember how you look and that you guys had a great time.

So try and read your text before you send it. Does it sound like an emotional long term thing such as “Love spending time with you. Would love to do it again and again” -> omg!

Or does it sound very ‘right now’ like “You free to catch up next Saturday?”

Finally, have some fun and don’t think too much

This does NOT mean in any way that you are allowed to text a guy whilst being drunk. Dating is supposed to be fun. You don’t want to think of too much of what you’re going to say – this is not writing an essay.

So… have fun.

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