Online Dating Tips For Women – How to Get Men to Ask You Out Beyond the Emails

How to actually get them to ask you out beyond the emails? There are many online dating tips out there, but one impression I’ve got from one of my client is the fact that it doesn’t matter which dating service she chooses, she keeps getting the same problem i.e. men send her virtual kiss, emails her and it stops there. It is just too hard to move beyond the emails to actually meeting in person.

So when can you finally say “I don’t want another email buddy, can we meet in person?” After all, both you and him know that unless you meet in person, a relationship is simply impossible.

But before we go into that, I have news for you. The fact that you want something to happen does not necessary mean that it will happen. Of course we all know that you need to meet him in order for things to start. But dating is a game and there is a process to follow. No matter what other online dating tips you’ve got from anywhere say, you simply cannot rush this process. But let’s get to it and see what you can do to actually make him WANT to see you in person:

1. Emails should be short and sweet – and it should talk about practically nothing.

One mistake women do is to ask men on the first email “What kind of relationship are you looking for”, or “What is it that you’re looking for in a girl” or anything straight like that. As I mentioned to you earlier, dating is a game (love is not, but dating is), and if there are some online dating tips online telling you to ask men this, please ignore that advice. That’s the fastest way to turn him off.

You do not have serious talk when you first meet someone in a club or bar, why is online dating any different? The first email should be no more than a little bit about you followed by funny talk. Emails should be less than three paragraphs long and do not constitute anything other than small talk. Basically, do not sound desperate on emails. (I should write another article about how women can avoid that.)

2. If he is too afraid to meet, he will miss out on you

After three or four emails max, it is time to meet. If he has not asked you to meet in person by then, you can ASK him. After all, you both have emailed each other three or four times that it seems logical to just meet him at least once. If he makes excuses, or he says he is too busy, he probably is just afraid to meet you (or anyone) in person. Do not put up with this kind of behaviour and just move on. Stop emailing him and onto the next person.

3. If you are asking him out, give him some time to anticipate

As I said earlier, it’s time to meet in flesh after three or four emails. If you are asking him out though, actually ASK him. Don’t ‘hint’ or casually say “maybe we should meet sometime…”

Men don’t pick up on those things. Actually say something like ” Hey do you want to catch up for coffee sometime? I’m free next week tuesday and thursday, what day works for you?”.

Make sure you mention that it’s “coffee” so it sounds light and casual. Also, try to give him actual days to choose from, that way you have confidently assumed he would want to meet you, only unsure of the day. This ensures the email banter is about what day he is free, or if he is too afraid to meet you (at least you’ll know). Give him plenty of notice so that he can anticipate the meeting.

Despite many online dating tips you’ve read, dating is so frustrating and I think the frustration starts after the first date. So before you actually meet the guy in flesh, he is just another person or profile in the sky. You don’t even know whether or not you are attracted to him in person. So if a guy doesn’t want to meet you (or is too afraid to do so), he has probably put on ten kilos since his picture and is too afraid to disappoint you. Move on woman!

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    , we have are defined roles in the dnmyaic of our relationship and I think one of the reasons why our relationship work so well for us is we both understand who each other is and we both make sure that we love, honor and respect each other in such a way that we grow as individuals and as a couple. Most of the rules that have been passed down to us are usually based on someone else’s desire to manipulate and control us and to have is due. What they think we should do. The premise of smarter dating is that inherently every woman is smart and intelligent and knows what she really wants from a man in relationship. However, many women do not operate from their power. NASA result they make choices and decisions from places of fear, and that causes them to go into or stay in relationships which are unhealthy, unhappy and unfulfilling.Just because you had an egalitarian relationship with one guy and he left you doesn’t mean that every guy that you have an egalitarian relationship will leave you does it? why write off something because of one or two bad experiences? would you stop eating if you got food poisoning one time?if you have an inherent desire to ask a guy out I say go for it. You got nothing to lose and everything to gain. If, however, the guys got a have a problem because you asked him out. Then he’s probably not the right guy for you. I promise you this. When you are clear on who you are. What’s important to you and where you want to go in your love life and you don’t compromise yourself or your principles. When you are ready you will find the guy who is perfect for you. I know that sounds like a bunch of crap and there was a time where I didn’t believe it either. But I’m glad I was wrong.Hope this helps! . All the best!Much Love,Joe

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