Dating Tips: What Attracts Men

Dating Tips: What Attracts Men

The question may not solely be what attracts men? But what attracts and keeps men? There are drop-dead gorgeous women, with hourglass figures and tempting eyes that may stray even priests yet they do not seem to successfully, keep any man. (They’ll have no problem attracting men within the first few minutes though). But if you want to keep a man beyond the initial hello, these are the traits that you must have:

Sense of Humor

Oscar Wilde once said, “Nothing spoils a romance as a sense of humor in the woman”. A woman’s sense of humor plays a very pivotal role in attracting and keeping a man. Let your guard down; smile and laugh at his jokes; be a little silly. You don’t have to look and act ‘proper’ all the time. Let fun punctuate every moment the man is around you and he will be yours forever.


A woman with an hourglass figure but no confidence is as sexless as a flag in the rain. Men love confident women. Nothing brings out sexiness in a woman as confidence does. And one secret that lets anyone feel confident is to act like you are. Walk with your head high, smile, and KNOW that you are a great catch. You will have no problem attracting and keeping men in your life.

Men are attracted to a woman that appreciate them; woman that appreciate other people and their efforts. Being a constant whiner and complainer will drive men away. There is something subtle in being appreciated that makes men feel needed. All men love it when they feel valued and needed by the women they are dating.

Men are attracted to strong women. Women with resolute values and believe. Women who are emotionally stable and can help and motivate him in his endeavors. Being a strong woman is a plus for both you and your man. It is by being strong that women show an aspect of independence. Men are attracted to an independent woman.

A delightfully intelligent woman attracts men as fire do to moths. Men love constructive partners that help them in becoming better people. Intelligent women will know the right questions to ask. Men will have confidence in taking out intelligent women to their office parties and other social gathering.

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