Help! How Can I Get Over My Ex – Past Love?

I remember the last time a friend of mine told me “I can never get over my ex Sally! he is the man of my dream, the man I ever want in my life!” and I don’t know how she could ever put up with this poisonous toxic man in the first place, but she did.

I’m sure many of us have encountered one of those times when you feel like your close friends are falling for the wrong man. You can see all his flaws (great toxic flaws) from miles away and you can see how he does your girlfriend completely wrong, but your friend (the one who is actually caught up IN the relationship) cannot see a single thing. She puts up with him whilst you see her life is filled with more painful cries rather than joyful smile. She loses her charm and becomes a somewhat living zombie. She looks less attractive by the day as she often stares into space giving everyone the blank look to hint that “Hey you might as well be talking to the wall”.

Then the day that you’ve hoped for finally came, she broke up with this man. Now you’d hope that soon she can gain her life back, her magnificent beautiful life and charms she once had. But no luck, she actually becomes worse by the day and everytime you try to cheer her up she practically tells you “I can’t get over my ex, so don’t even try, talk to the wall instead”…again?

Now, what if that girl is YOU? what if you’re the one who is caught up in the relationship? What if YOU are the one who’s saying “I can’t get over my ex!” It is easy to see how crazy and mutant your friend has become when SHE is in that situation, but easier said than done, it is not so easy when YOU are in her shoes. What can you do?

Ok, well this is exactly what you should do: Put your logic ahead of your emotion. Now that is exactly what you need to do but granted, it is waaay easier said than done. But look at it this way, ask your logic everytime your emotion says something and don’t let your emotion wins!

Here they are:
Emotion: I’d like to call him, I’d like to talk to him, I miss him!
Logic: Hey if I want to get over my ex, I wouldn’t talk to him because that would make it even more painful. What good is it to talk to someone who doesn’t want me anymore.

Emotion: But I still think I can be friends with him, why can’t I be friends with him?
Logic: Because no matter what you say, you DON’T want to be FRIENDS with him, that’s why you find it so hard to let your logic win in the first place.

Emotion: I cannot live without him, should I just beg him back?
Logic: I had over 20 years (or 30 or 40) years living my life happily without him, seriously I can do this.

Emotion: I will never get over my ex.
Logic: Oh come on! time heals everything, it just feels that way at this
moment in time.

Emotion: I want to stalk him, or at least pretend that I’d just like to return his pen or shirt back to him.
Logic: Really? you want to feel the rejection one more time? Wake up GIRL!

Emotion: I don’t want to do anything, I’m in pain!
Logic: The more ‘daydreaming time’ you have during the day, the more suicidal you will feel, so get out there and do something.

And again, it is still easier said than done. In fact, it would be worth it to have a look at this book “How to Forget Your Ex in just 24 Hours“. It’s VERY interesting.

Check it out, and yes I do recommend it especially if you like to read because reading these sort of tailored materials will take your mind off things, you don’t want to read those fantasy fairy tales do you? your logic wouldn’t tell you so…Get it here, it’s worth it.


  1. ReplySarah Lund

    P.S, Going to nightclubs to meet the one, isn’t a wise move. Most just want a one night stand in them nightclubs. You’re better off being sober when meeting them. Why would you want someone who’s drunk, slobbering all over you? That doesn’t show their true personality. It just becomes masked by alcohol.

  2. ReplySarah Lund

    People think that their last ex was meant to be the one, but if they really were, i think they’d have worked things out, not walk away instead. Maybe there’s several of your dream man out there. It just happens that you thought the last one was THE one. In your own mind. In reality, there may be others out there who are quite similar to the ex you keep crying about. I found that i needed someone who was more thoughtful and who was easy to get along with. I think i’ve finally found him. Just need to get past the long distance thing. I love him enough to work anything and everything out with him. I’m adamant to not let anything get in our way. He lives in America, Michigan. I live in the UK. He was a rare find. He’s so sweet. I’d be foolish to let him go. So love really CAN happen again. You just have to allow it to develop over time.

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