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Relationship Advice for Women | Top 8 Signs That He’s A Keeper

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Top 8 Signs That He’s A Keeper

You met a cute guy. He asked you out for drinks, then weekend dates, continue to sleepover at each other’s places. Next he introduces you to his flatmates, social friends, work friends, therapist (joking), the sex is amazing, he cooks you dinner and gives you massage, you both have things in common, you finish each other’s sentences.. Before you know it your life’s like fireworks after meeting this guy.

So you’ve been seeing your man for a couple of months now and happy as an Energizer bunny until you both had a serious talk (about the future of your relationship). It’s one thing that can surely make one of you run away… if you’re a commitment-phobe like me. You love the thrill, you love the excitement of new things, yet you are unsure if you like to commit with this person. How do you know if you should stick with him or leave the relationship without breaking his heart?

Let’s take a look…..

1. Attention, attention, attention
There is no doubt that women loves attention. During initial courting, men would give a lot of attention to the girl(s) he’s pursuing. If after a couple of months he doesn’t listen to you when you talk, does not give you compliment when you wear a hot dress, or ask how your day goes at least – then you need to wonder if he’s still interested in you. The same goes if you’re hanging out at his place and playing video games/ youtube-ing / checking Facebook interest him more than you, it’s never a good sign. You are a loveable creature and it’s important to feel desired by your man. A good man will always shower you with attention and makes you feel appreciated.

2. You are unsatisfied….in bed
Sex is important in any romantic relationship. It makes you two form an emotional bond and creates intimacy. Statistics prove that the more sexually satisfied a couple is (ie more sex, more orgasms), the closer you feel with each other. In contrast, if you are unsatisfied in the sack then it will make you feel resentful towards your man and eventually could affect your self esteem. If he doesn’t know what makes you scream in bed, or the amount of bonking has plummeted then you need to ask yourself a question. Are we sexually compatible?? If the answer is no, time to stock up on “rabbits with batteries”.

3. He brings out the best in you
Surely you have personalities that are unique to him. After months being with him, do you feel more irritated and impatient… or wiser and nurturing? If you are with an emotionally abusive partner he surely will turn you into a witch. But if the man you’re with opens up a more beautiful side of you, then you know you’re with the right man. Whatever your situation is, the right person will bring out the best side of your traits and talent that you didn’t even realize you possess.

4. He accepts you the way you are
This is related to your best or worst personalities. Does he love the way you look in the morning or only when you are covered in MAC and Benefit? It’s important to feel comfortable around your man no matter in what state you are. Also, if you have certain characteristics that others find annoying, he will think it’s cute. Even if you have a huge mole on your forehead he still finds you attractive. Bottom line is your man will make you feel better of your insecurities. Why? Because he likes you the way you are born and loves everything about you, even your flaws. Such man is rare to find.

5. You are a team
When both of you are faced with an unfamiliar situation, does he blame you or do you work together to solve the problem? A mature man won’t try to find who causes the problem, but find what causes it and work with you to get the best outcome. ie if the car breaks down on a highway, he won’t ask why you didn’t check the oil filter but call roadside assistance and calm you down. Chances are you are hell freaked out! After all – it’s the mechanic’s job to check the oil level in your car.

6. Watch out for red flags
Whilst it is normal for people in new relationship to view their lover through a pink-coloured glasses, chances are you will miss his flaws too. How do you know if he’s the real deal? First, find out if your man puts effort into you (and the relationship). If he lets you take his dog out for pee in the early hours, doesn’t wanna travel further than he normally does just to see you, or pick up bread when you need it… then what the hell are you doing with this guy?? Kick this lazy ass out ASAP! If he’s already showing signs of laziness in the beginning of the relationship, it’ll only get worse. Trust me. You’re the one who’s gonna end up doing everything, ie zilch effort from his side. Also, watch if he does what he promised you… Does call you when he says he will? Did he change the bulb after you nag him millions of times? Men like that only belong in trash can, not in the arm of a gorgeous girl like you.

7. The most important of all… your feelings
How do you feel when you are with your man? Do you feel safe and secure or constantly finding yourself flirting with other men? Flirting is a sign that you’re not content with your relationship, or you’re just a plain attention-whore. Are you crazy about him? Do you feel empty or full of emotions with this man? Relationships can make you experience all kinds of emotions – teary, pain, pleasure, hurt, anger, bliss, joy, resentment. This is all part of loving process. Wouldn’t you rather feel love rather than feeling nothing at all? Also, gauge his emotions. Does he feel positive towards you? Hey – it takes two to tango.

8. Follow your heart
Yep- this one won’t fail you. My mother told me if you still can’t decide what to do….let your heart decide. Why? Because your mind is not communicating with you. It’s normal to have doubt in your relationship. Ask yourself honestly… can you trust this man? Does he treat you like a princess or treat you like an object, or worse.. a doormat?? Will he bring you chicken soup when you’re down with cold, or would he prefer to watch sport with his mates? Are you both open and honest with each other? Do you communicate well and respect each other? Can you confide in him? If you answer yes to all of them, then congratulations you have found yourself a keeper. And he will worth all your sacrifice.

So what are you waiting for… Dial his number now and tell him that he makes you the happiest girl on earth and there’s no reason that you guys shouldn’t take the relationship to the next level. Good luck!


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