Complicated Dating: How to Fix Relationship

Complicated Dating: How to Fix Relationship

Henry Winkler once said, “Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” This is very true when it comes to most failed relationships. There is an apparent drift between the couples yet they choose to bury their heads in the sand; assuming that all is okay. It is after the relationship has taken a nosedive, and all seems to be plummeting, that they try to work things out. However, there is hope no matter how much a relationship is tattered. Below are some of the ways couples can fix and save their relationship;

Finding the root cause of the problem

It is critical to uncover what is causing a rift between the two partners in a relationship. Is it financial issues? Is it anger problems from one of the partners? Is it communication breakdown? Is it lack of fireworks in the bedroom quarters? Whichever the cause, it has to be addressed wholly in order to forge a healthy way forward.


A healthy communication is the glue that holds a relationship together. How is the communication in your relationship? Do you listen to each other? What is the body language of your partner when you are communicating? Find a healthy way to communicate calmly and effectively and save your relationship.

Focus on each other’s positives side

Every person has an adverse side. No one is perfect. When things start falling apart, it is advisable not to focus your attention on the negative side of your partner; this only widens the distance between both of you. Try to think about the positive side of each on other and you will be calmer when working things out in your relationship.

Spend more time together

Time is a healer. Spending time together will definitely bring couples closer. It will help you fight the ills that are plaguing your relationship. Spending time together also helps couples to understand each other more. Once you understand each other, you become a team. Make sure you and your partner are a team in your relationship.

Have a mechanism to solve problems constructively

Every couple should set some rules on how to solve arguments constructively. When arguing try to find a solution and try not to focus on winning the argument. What would be the purpose of winning an argument and losing the relationship?

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