10 Top Signs That You are Dating a Wrong Man – Stop Wasting Your Life

Stop wasting your potential dating life by dating the wrong man. Many women are victim of this and before you give your emotion fully to the next man you are dating, read this article and see if he may (just may) be the wrong man for you.

1. He calls you in the last minute for a last minute date. And despite you politely declining last minute date while suggesting to re-schedule (basically showing him that you are interested), he won’t plan ahead.

2. Related to number one, he calls you AFTER dinner time, often for non-food related dessert. And just before you give up on this man, he calls you again giving you mixed messages.

3. You never get to see his friends or family, he never mentions anything about them (you don’t even know how many brothers and sisters he has), and if you are lucky enough to bump into them when you are with him, he pretends that you are not there. That is a really big sign that you are dating the wrong man.

4. He doesn’t talk to you between the dates or between the last-minute calls.

5. He refuses to go out on a date where there is no possibility that you will end up in his place – or he ends up in yours. You know you are dating the wrong man if all you do is sleeping together.

6. You never get a hold of him when you try to call him. He will return your call at his convenience (often quite a while after the missed call).

7. You suspect that he is dating someone else, and your instinct is quite strong.

8. He doesn’t show a single public display of affection. He turns to a completely different person when another person is in proximity. (He is only affectionate when you are together, just the two of you.)

9. You don’t feel like he is making the effort to fulfil your needs and everything seems to revolve around him. I.e. he makes all the rules and he tells you what to do. In fact, you know that you are dating a wrong man that doesn’t care about you at all.

10. If he is very afraid to bring up the ‘commitment’ word or even the simple ‘we are dating exclusively’ statement, he is a wrong man for you. He wants to keep his options open – basically until he keeps you in the back burner until he really finds someone he wants to connect with ‘monogamously’.

Please ladies, recognise the truth that any man who is showing the signs above is not really into you – at least, he doesn’t want you to be his girlfriend. If you haven’t already, I recommend reading a book by Bob grant The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave.

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