He Doesn’t Call After a Hook Up – Should YOU Call Him Instead?

How many times do this happen to you? You go out to a club with your girl friends, and what was supposed to be a friendly girly night turned to something else when you got a little tipsy. You ended up hooking up with a great guy who you swore you had connection with, and guess what? He doesn’t call after a hook up. Should you call him instead?

If it has only been one or two days since you had that ‘connection’, do not worry too much. He probably is just following the three-day stupid rule in the first place. But if a week’s gone by and he still hasn’t called that is a different story. So what should you do if he doesn’t call like that?

Well, I have to break the news to you that if you did a hook up with a guy who doesn’t call, he may just be one of the guys who likes to ‘milk the cow rather than buying it’. After all, you don’t know this guy yet and you don’t even know whether or not he is super sleazy to begin with. Plus, hardly any guy will say ‘no’ to a great hook up. So if you think that he probably is a great guy who has just put you into his ‘hook up’ category just because you gave him the permission to do so, then listen to this:

The fastest way to turn the situation around when he doesn’t call is to NOT call him. Also, do not expect this guy to call you, and wipe him out completely off your mind. This way you can get on with your life rather than camping by the phone thinking that you are just playing hard to get. Of course it is not easy to do that, you can’t just ‘wipe’ someone out from your mind, emotion certainly does not come with a mop. I mean, you are probably hurt and unfortunately when you make an oath to yourself not to call him, the only thing in your mind is probably how much you actuallY WANT to call him. But don’t. Instead, take out a piece of paper or start a new blog and put down how you felt about this guy starting from the butterflies you felt earlier to the fact that you now feel stupid for trusting him in the first place. Call some friends and make some plan, do some activity on your own, you get the idea.

Think about it this way, you don’t know who this guy is and even though you don’t want to admit it right now, the reason why you really want him to call you is just because you kind of link the fact that he doesn’t call to a feeling of being rejected. But seriously, he probably is a real loser and it is probably good that he doesn’t call you and mess your life up even more in the longer run.

And if you still feel really bad about it, one afternoon force yourself to sit in front of the talk show Jerry Springer (instead of your favourite SpongeBob SquarePants), and listen to all those unhappy couples shouting at each other like, “You sent me a dozen flowers to make me happy, then I found out that it’s just a way for you to apologise…for cheating on me with my sister?” Then consider this: The guy on the show DID call.

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