He Is SO Into You…Really? Find Out For Sure By Looking At The Facts VS What He Tells You Now

You met a great guy at a Christmas Party, he couldn’t take his eyes off you the whole night, you swore that he is so into you even though he had the biggest beer goggles on. There was definitely some mutual attraction there, and best of all, you work in the same company too!

Since then, he’s emailed you couple times and came up to your desk — twice! But you’ve been hinting all along that there is this new cute “Ice Age 3” movie you’ve been wanting to see and he still hasn’t invited himself to go along with you. What’s wrong with him? you’re starting to doubt that he is so into you in the first place.

So well, instead of pondering around while flicking flower petals one by one, you might as well read carefully to the following five top facts that he is actually so into you:

1. He WILL ask you out.

I know that sometimes this one goes overlooked. Many guys are shy…right? Well, if a guy is so into you, he will have to get over his shyness and actually go up to you to ask you out. Otherwise, he’ll lose you to some other dude due to his own shyness, not a good idea. It doesn’t matter how ‘busy’ he is or how little credit is left on his mobile phone, he’ll want to spend time with you on a date — or semi date in the beginning.

2. He is SINGLE.

No matter how much you think a guy is so into you, forget it if he has a girlfriend — or wife. It doesn’t matter how he tells you he’ll break up with her, so long as he hasn’t done it, he is still attached…to someone else. Waiting for a guy to break up with another girl so that you can have your turn is down right sad. You are being strung along while he is having his cake and eating it too. Move on girl, and don’t even start imagining stuff such as, “Imagine when he finally breaks up with her, do you think he will ask me out because he is so into me?”

3. He will not disappear on you.

Tony, the guy you met at Christmas party finally got around to ask you out. You had a real great time together in the winter festival and he even bought you fairy floss. See! You knew he was so into you since you locked eyes in the party before. He told you at the end of the night that he’ll see you again but a week’s gone by and you’ve heard nothing whatsoever. You even checked using the company intranet that he is still working there in your company, and of course he is. So what happened?

Well, this guy has a moderate or low interest towards you and probably not so crazy about you. He’s had second thoughts, or he has just decided on his own that he doesn’t want to pursue this further. In this case, stop wondering around what you could’ve said or done better to ‘score’ another date with him, because you couldn’t have done nothing else. You’ve done your best and he is not so into you.

Leave and move on because you deserve someone who is so into you and is really crazy about you.

4. He remembers what you say.

If he is so into you, he’ll remember what you say. If you tell him you want to go see that ‘Ice Age 3’ movie, he’ll thank God for the fact that you gave him that clue on asking you out. When you tell him you hate mustard, he won’t smear mustard all over your hot dogs, you get the idea.

5. He will give you security.

Oh…that word! Yes, I say that he will give you security if he is so into you by calling you his ‘girlfriend’ and by not breaking up with you soon after he calls you his ‘girlfriend’. If a guy never wants to commit to a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship or runs away as soon as he hears those words, then he is not so into you.

When J broke up with a friend of mine (call her Sammy), she was not buying it because if he was so over her, why did he say yes to a coffee catch up and why did he still said “he misses her” even though he said no again to getting back together?

If he is so into you, he would’ve stayed with you in the first place rather than giving you the insecurity of a break up. The right person will stay, you will feel secure and you won’t need to think about his words vs his non-matching actions til the cow comes home.


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