He’s Not That Into You ANYMORE?

After reading (and watching) the famously-titled book and movie (He’s not that into you) few times, it comes to my realization what the authors forgot to include when someone’s not that into you. Surviving from my last failed romance, I had gathered some facts when a guy’s slowly not into you. Here’s some tasty fillings to digest when your other half is no longer interested in the relationship:

1. he’s keeping in touch with his ex on regular basis

2. he flirts around with other girls.. right under your nose

3. he doesn’t add you on facebook (this is cheeky but true)

4. he put (or keep) his profile up on online dating sites (and lied to you when you confront it)

6. his main priority is him, his mates, then … maybe you

5. he starts spending less time with you on email/text/phone calls

6. he’s becoming more secretive – doesn’t tell you where he goes, how his day was, etc

7. his new nicknames are mr grumpy, mr impatient, mr critical, mr not-so-fantastic-in-bed

8. he doesn’t tell jokes or tease you anymore, ie there’s no more fun side of him

9. he took back his house key (that he previously gave you) and his passwords are changed (if he ever gave those to you as well)

10. he becomes more suspicious of you

11. he doesn’t kiss you before going to bed

12. he stops buying gifts or flowers for you

13. he only calls you when he needs company

14. he told you he’s working late.. all the time

15. he no longer includes you on his social activities with his mates, workmates etc

16. in fact, he starts hanging out with the boys more

17. he doesn’t intend to take you on any future holidays he might have

18. he doesn’t plan for romantic gestures (this includes dinner/sex/weekend-aways)

19. he no longer compliments your sexy outfit/body parts/anything that makes you attractive to him in the first place

20. he reassures you over and over that he loves you, but his actions say differently

21. he’s hot and cold towards you, ie being nice and nasty whenever he wants to

22. he avoids the (serious) relationships talks

23. he blames you for whatever reason it is

24. he doesn’t do what he says he will

25. he cancels on your plans at last minute, and always comes up with the best excuses

26. he treats you like a doormat, or worse.. a maid

27. he doesn’t say the “L” word anymore – because he can’t

AND finally…….

28. he didn’t try to fight for you when you said it’s over

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