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The Complicated Dating | How to Forget Someone You Still Really Like – and Move On With Your Life

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How to Forget Someone You Still Really Like – and Move On With Your Life

How to Forget Someone You Still Really Like – and Move On With Your Life

This is one article I wrote that has a little to do with the actual dating, but a lot to do with the foundation of dating. I have been asked by a few people “How to forget someone you still really like”, most of the time the question relates to the ex whom they still have a clear picture of in their mind, or the person who they’ve started dating (or are dating) who pretty much has just left them for any reason (somebody else, things not working out, and the worst of all: just gone missing without a trace – AWOL).

I also realise that many times when this question is asked, the answer you are hoping for is really beyond the normal “get busy, take time out, let time heals it etc”. Most people who ask this question are feeling some kind of emotional pain rooted somewhere in their heart or mind that they can’t concentrate on any task given to them. Normally this pain happens on the first few hours they ‘get dumped’ or ‘felt like they’ve lost someone’, or whom they finally got the courage to ‘leave’.

Of course, I must tell you that there is no ‘super quick fix’ that will completely take away the hurt right now, despite I always look for one whenever I feel hurt by people close to me (romantic or not). In fact, there is no such thing as the quick ‘how to forget someone you still really like or love’, because it is impossible to forget something that has happened in the past (whether it is a minute ago, weeks or months ago).

But what you can do though, is to get over the painful hurt feeling as quickly as possible so that you can survive the hurt, able to concentrate on your days, and most importantly move on with your life whether you want to get back to dating scene with a more ‘ready’ mind, or just move on with your life without feeling the hurt anymore.

So here are some things that you can do:

1. Accept the fact that you are hurt, and accept that there is no quick fix, that there is a process to forget someone.

Yes this is the easiest thing to do that you have to start accepting that there is nothing you can do to make the hurt go away right this second. Especially, if you feel like you don’t have anyone else to talk to because the person you count on is really the person who hurts you.

2. Do something physical ON YOUR OWN

When I said ‘on your own’, I meant ‘on your own’. There is no need to pretend you can forget things in your mind by talking to others. You need a ‘me time’ right now or in the next 24 hours. Of course, you will feel so bad that you are taking it in for yourself, but trust me it will numb your hurt painful emotion quicker. So do something physical such as jogging while listening to inspirational music, lock yourself in your room and sleep for the next six hours, playing music instrument, singing karaoke as loud as you can, bowling on your own, shooting range (if time and place permits), shooting basketball or just anything physical on your own – you get the idea. (In fact, I knew a lady who did bungee jumping ten times in a row just to forget someone she just broke up with.)

3. Writing a blog or a diary – both online and offline

If reading articles such as this one will take up some of your mind space, writing blog entries or diary entries will actually make it even better. It is one of the most effective and quickest method on how to forget someone, or forget the hurt you get from that someone. Write exactly how you feel, write about how you survive this whole thing. Before you know it, your strong urge earlier of wanting to call that person right at that moment will slowly subside. You will soon feel calmer and able to function a little bit more.

4. Beyond this, time will heal

Yes, it’s time for me to mention that the best thing on how to forget someone you like is still to give it time. However, it helps if you stop focusing on contacting them in the meantime. In fact, try to minimise contact (no contact is even better) so that you can move on with your life quicker.

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  1. ReplyAnna

    I knew he will not be with me forever , he told me it’s Interim relationship to just have fun and sleep with me ,I’m addicted to him , he is sooo amazing , i want to spent all my life with him
    we’ve been together for 9 months then he left me because i lied small lie , he couldn’t forgive me ,he hate me also .. but soon or later he will left me as he said
    i’m so empty and lonely
    so sick . i feel no confidence because he hated me
    i wish i have boyfriend like him later , i want to forget him and move on

  2. Reply"mixpeacangirl"

    Omggg! I Don’t Know Where 2 Start. I’m Just So Hurt, Depressed, Sad, Numb.I “REALLY” Need Too Vent On This Page, Cuz It’s The Perfect Page Too Le It All Out. Well I Was In A Relationship With This Man. Prior 2 Our Relationship, We Were Good Friends. He Would Come Stay At My House For Days At A Time. Then 1 Day He Said He Is Leaving 2 Go Back 2 His Home. So He Vanished. Didn’t Hear From Him, In 2 Yrs. One Day I Get A Letter In The Mail, An It’s From Him, Telling Me He Ended Up Going 2 “Jail” So We Strted Staying In Touch W/Each Other By Writting 2-3 Letter’s Daily (Thats’ No Lie)Ended Up That We Desided 2 Turn The Friendship Into A Relationship. So I Waited For Him (FAITFULLY) 10 Months For Him 2 Be Released. So When He Comes Home Everything Was Ok( Besides, Having A Few DISAGREEMENTS. Then Slowly Things Started 2 Changed.He Would Leave For The Weekends 2 Go Visit Family & Friends. Then 1 Week Recently, He Left For 2 Complete Weeks. “No” Phone Calls,” “No” Txts “No” Nothing.What Really Bother’s Me The Most Is That We Ended Our Last Conversation On A Bad Note 🙁 I Texted Him A Few Times, ( Even For Important Matter’s.) An Again Nothing. So I’m Just Taking It As It’s Over For Whatever Reason. But I Am Taking All This Very Very Hard An So I Desided 2 Google “How To Forget Someone” An It Brought Me 2 This Site, An It’S Everything That I Am Experiancing Currently. I Sit& Sleep With My Phone, Waiting 4 Him 2 Call, Think About Him Fallin Too Sleep( Like 2:00 Am Since I Haven’t Been Sleeping Well. Locking Myself In My Room All Day, Played Alittle Music ( 2 Let The Tear’s Out, Ignoring Phone Calls Etc. Now I’m Doing What U Exactly Wrote U Wrote In The Message, By Writting In A Diary Or A Private Blog. I’m Just So Hurt An Devasted, Numb, Sad Lonely, Depressed. How Can U Forget Him,If All The Good Memories & Bad Memories Stay Playing “REPEAT” In Your Head. Just Would Like 2 Know What Happened. But I Refuse 2 Contact Him Anymore. I Wanna Move On But Scared When I Make That Move, He’s Gonna Wanna Come Back An More Or Less He’ll B Welcomed. So Hurt He Walked Out After He Said He Would Never DO That 2 Us. Help Me Forget About Him, I’m Trying Everything In The Book, An The Pain An Hurt Is Still There.

    1. ReplyDude

      Hey there i know exactly how u feel trust me the same thing happened to me 3 days ago! What id recommend is do what this blog says try it one by one. N 2nd- wake up!!! Realization is a powerful tool. Lidten if he can do this to u means he has no respect for u! Y would u want domeone who has no respect to u n treat u this way?? Next u can do is hang out with positive friends. Or jyst hang out alone. Lol im going to the cinema alone today n im already excited to watch amy movie i want!! Also date someone new, have fun! If ur a girl id reckon its not hard to find good man to forget him just dont go to the pub or vlub n ull be safe, else if ur looking for one nite stand then its fine. Lastly, pray to God and ask him for strength. (if u have a belief) good luck! 😀

    1. ReplyDavid

      You are right fuck that, fuck love :/ im very dissapointed in love it just fucks around you and when you most needed it leaves you like nothing happened :/

      1. ReplyMK

        i agree – love..or at least what we think is love …maybe it’s just an illusion you know? okay, so who am i kidding. it sure as hell doesn’t feel like an illusion when you see the person in your dreams, remember their smile, love them even though they’ve hurt you, and can still find a reason to smile when you think of them to yourself. despite that, maybe it is just an illusion of that moment and that time and perhaps someday it won’t seem real anymore. for me, i now feel it’s just my mind and the photos that made it real, coz not havng the person in my life anymore makes me feel..did I even ever have it all? i have a saying only happens to americans or in the offence meant to americans, jst a figurative way of me ( as a non-american) to say, it seems so unreal and distant and can’t ever happen to people like us. and yet it did. and yet it went away. and yet you’re there thinking, am i ever going to be this crazy about someone/anyone else in my life again? i don’t know..i don’t think so.

  3. Replynicole

    ive been shattered for 2 years and i just coudnlt forget about him and ive overcome sadness and i know its me but i need to figure that out but i just dont know what that is. sorry just ignore me i just need to let it out where somewhere and someone doesnt know who i am 🙂

  4. Replykim

    he’s my nieghbor i cant do anything bout it!!

    it’s been six months and i couldnt stop thinkin bout him
    i really need help

  5. ReplyIamtrying

    What if sadness and misery seems the way for me to survive, how do I overcome that and get interested wi life again?

    And Thank you for the post.

  6. ReplyIts really painful to forgot someone but you have to forget.the best way you just thing this much time only god made for you to with him\herg

    Just thnk about your future

  7. Replyliam

    broke up with my ex 5 months ago things where just breaking apart. she changed into a whole differant bad person.. but ive tryd to move on and forget about her but after 5 months shes still in my mind no matter what i do. my feelings for her a mess i dont know what i feel for her. my heart feels numb and i feel heartless, my emotions feel dead except for beind sad and depressed all the time every day for 5 months. i still talk to her some times and well she says she has no feelings for me says she dont love me etc but she does things and says things that shows she does but dont reolise it. i know in my mind that im better off w/o her in my life but the problem is how do i do it?. wh had a long relationship and it was perfect then suddenly for no reason she changed into a heartless deamon. its harder to because she is very much like me its not normal. so what do i do

    1. ReplyAlina

      @ Liam,
      I am really sorry that you’re in a lot of pain but having been where you are, I think it’s best to cut yourself off from your ex just to get some perspective. Your ex isn’t with you and I’m not sure that she has your best interests at heart. It’s difficult to be friends with your ex.

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