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The Complicated Dating | How to Forget Someone You Still Really Like – and Move On With Your Life

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How to Forget Someone You Still Really Like – and Move On With Your Life

How to Forget Someone You Still Really Like – and Move On With Your Life

This is one article I wrote that has a little to do with the actual dating, but a lot to do with the foundation of dating. I have been asked by a few people “How to forget someone you still really like”, most of the time the question relates to the ex whom they still have a clear picture of in their mind, or the person who they’ve started dating (or are dating) who pretty much has just left them for any reason (somebody else, things not working out, and the worst of all: just gone missing without a trace – AWOL).

I also realise that many times when this question is asked, the answer you are hoping for is really beyond the normal “get busy, take time out, let time heals it etc”. Most people who ask this question are feeling some kind of emotional pain rooted somewhere in their heart or mind that they can’t concentrate on any task given to them. Normally this pain happens on the first few hours they ‘get dumped’ or ‘felt like they’ve lost someone’, or whom they finally got the courage to ‘leave’.

Of course, I must tell you that there is no ‘super quick fix’ that will completely take away the hurt right now, despite I always look for one whenever I feel hurt by people close to me (romantic or not). In fact, there is no such thing as the quick ‘how to forget someone you still really like or love’, because it is impossible to forget something that has happened in the past (whether it is a minute ago, weeks or months ago).

But what you can do though, is to get over the painful hurt feeling as quickly as possible so that you can survive the hurt, able to concentrate on your days, and most importantly move on with your life whether you want to get back to dating scene with a more ‘ready’ mind, or just move on with your life without feeling the hurt anymore.

So here are some things that you can do:

1. Accept the fact that you are hurt, and accept that there is no quick fix, that there is a process to forget someone.

Yes this is the easiest thing to do that you have to start accepting that there is nothing you can do to make the hurt go away right this second. Especially, if you feel like you don’t have anyone else to talk to because the person you count on is really the person who hurts you.

2. Do something physical ON YOUR OWN

When I said ‘on your own’, I meant ‘on your own’. There is no need to pretend you can forget things in your mind by talking to others. You need a ‘me time’ right now or in the next 24 hours. Of course, you will feel so bad that you are taking it in for yourself, but trust me it will numb your hurt painful emotion quicker. So do something physical such as jogging while listening to inspirational music, lock yourself in your room and sleep for the next six hours, playing music instrument, singing karaoke as loud as you can, bowling on your own, shooting range (if time and place permits), shooting basketball or just anything physical on your own – you get the idea. (In fact, I knew a lady who did bungee jumping ten times in a row just to forget someone she just broke up with.)

3. Writing a blog or a diary – both online and offline

If reading articles such as this one will take up some of your mind space, writing blog entries or diary entries will actually make it even better. It is one of the most effective and quickest method on how to forget someone, or forget the hurt you get from that someone. Write exactly how you feel, write about how you survive this whole thing. Before you know it, your strong urge earlier of wanting to call that person right at that moment will slowly subside. You will soon feel calmer and able to function a little bit more.

4. Beyond this, time will heal

Yes, it’s time for me to mention that the best thing on how to forget someone you like is still to give it time. However, it helps if you stop focusing on contacting them in the meantime. In fact, try to minimise contact (no contact is even better) so that you can move on with your life quicker.

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  1. Replymammy

    I was fall in love to somebody for 3 months, that was my first time to experienced of being in love, i felt very comfortable with him but because he don’t have any educational degree, people behind us send him away.

    I trying to forget those moments with him and i stopped contacting him, but why until now i’m still guilty about to what i did. I what to see him again to beg sorry, and tell him that i love him very much…

    But he also changed his simcard.. what a feeling is this, do i need to find someone to forget him…

    What a bad feeling…

  2. Replychloe

    I just turned 27. i fell inlove with this guy who is a year older than me, who happens to be married already. for two years weve been together. we live next to each other, we work in the same place. Literally for two years we do things together. We both fell in love with each other. Until his wife came when the petition was granted.
    It was like my world stopped spinning, it hurts me sooooo bad that i can hardly explain it.
    Even before we decided to stop it, we just can’t. But because of our culture, his parents wants to cut it and cut it clean. For them it is prohibited and immoral. And it would ruin their reputation.
    And him… he followed them . He never fought for me. He kept sending messages after that for more than a week. but the bottom line is…he still chose her…their reputation.
    its me who he chose to get hurt.
    Right now im trying to put the pieces back but it seems so unbearable everyday of my life.
    I go out.. i party…but at the end of the day. I cant stop crying still.

    1. Replyjamini

      u r an asshole, bloody bitch, inspite of knowing he is already married why did u have to go for it. u said – u r hurt – imagine when his wife came to know about u guys, how much hurt she was. u deserve to b hurt.

    2. Replysally

      love is blind, nothing much you can do about it but please forget him, he is not willing to leave his life for you… he’s belong to his family… some one out there is realy meant for you. time will come

      1. Replyignatius

        love is blind, i went through almost the same, but my girlfriend told me to stop after 7 years, because of religious reason, it was difficult for me just imagine after 7 years, but we are still taking to each other, but not like before. it’s hurts. take it easy. there is alot of fish in the sea, you will get one.

    3. ReplyJags

      I went through similar experience, only that he was single but emotionally unavailable and has a regular partner 400km away that he meets once every month to “practice” being in a relationship. He made things very clear from the beginning but him being him, he made me fall head over heels for him with his charm and friendly gestures. For almost 4 months, I was deeply in love, happiest time of my life but also in these 4 months, over and over again he hurt me with the truth. I told myself to be patient and get to know each other, perhaps he will change his mind.

      One day, he told me the truth again. He said he has no relationship with the partner but he felt like cheating on the partner when he was with me… So he chose her… I was devastated. Totally heart broken… I couldn’t stopped crying and even had to take days off work to pretend I am sick. I did what everyone does – party, go out, meet new people… but at the end of the day, when I come back home alone, I would think of him and tears will start flowing. Its been a month now, and last night I just broke down again with my girlfriend, I can’t get over him. I miss him a lot and I really cannot keep doing this..

  3. Replykoukou

    there is a boy that i liked him for 4 months but he don’t like me back so i always get hurt and cry for him and never stop thinking about him so i try all the ways to be soo close to him i think may be he’ll like me one day but now i think that he don’t deserve to be liked so i wake up and now I’m moving on without hurt but it’s still a part from me missing him a little

  4. Replyirepya

    i was going out with him, for 2 years, we planned everything, we decided to get married and have kids, but this summer we broke up, i can’t forget him, i want to be with him, but i can’t , because of my family….i love him and miss him very much!!! what should i do?

  5. ReplyManish

    Actually i had an Love in my life with her i had spend 4 most beautiful years of my life i just Love her allot but just because of some personal problems in her family she need to break up with me…
    We both love each other today also and even need each other but just her mom is messing our both life i don’t know what to do and now we both r suffering from this break up…..
    I really miss her like hell but just missing does not make me relief….
    i m too tense this days and messed up with this and can’t be able to take her out of my head….
    What should i do?????

    1. Replykishore

      manish, u didnt said tht u hav kids or notin our life we can easyly remember any person but it is too difficult to forget if it is wife or husban uts really hell any way if u interest send ur personal problem to my mail ur wife really lucky to get a husband like u my mail

  6. ReplyRick

    I’m trying to get over an old girlfriend who came back into my life after 6 years. We started talking again after a mutual friend of ours who brought us into each others lives twice had passed away.

    We talked for a year before I decided to see her. I really didn’t want to see her, I was afraid all of the old feelings would awaken for her and I would go through all of the pain I did when we parted ways the last time.

    But after she kept saying how much she missed me and kept asking me out on dates which I declined, I finally, reluctantly gave in.

    On the very first night we saw each other after 6 years she ran into another old boyfriend, I could tell she liked him still.

    I’ve seen her twice since that night and have learned that she is seeing him. Now I sit here feeling so stupid, still in love and she is moving on with someone else. It hurts after spending a couple of weekends with her and her daughter and enjoying my time with them and seeing a kinder side of her. This really sucks.

    I guess all I can do is think of all the negatives about her to try and squash all of these old feelings that have flooded back into my brain. I mean come on dude, she is an alcoholic, she only works 2-3 times a week. She uses men to get things. She is dishonest. She sleeps around. She disrespected me.

    There do I feel better….nope. Damn this sucks.

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