Is He Really THAT Into Me? Hear It From a Guy’s Opinion

I’d like to tell you a simple answer to the question “Is He Really That Into Me?”. First of all, the friends that I hang around with are mostly guys. This is exactly why I am so lucky that many times I go out with them to bars and clubs, listening to how they talk, easily solving the puzzle of what’s in a guys mind and is he into me or not.

To be honest, many women actually know and able to answer that question herself. Have you ever gone out on several dates with a guy who you just ‘know’ is into you? Of course you have. But I have to also mention that when things start to get good, most women will suddenly get so insecure that the feeling won’t last. The ‘drama queen’ personality starts to take place wondering why things are going so well and waiting when that crazy bold-and-beautiful drama finally comes about in your life. So just to confirm your guess that he is actually into you, let me give you some signs so that you don’t have to keep on asking yourself every night “Is he really into me”?

Here it is:

1. He makes time for you and he wants to see you. When a guy is really into you he can get a little insecure just like you. He focuses on whether or not YOU are into him.

2. You catch him staring at you. Guys are not mind-readers and they can’t multi task. He can’t smile at you while making small conversation while thinking in his mind ‘Is she into me’? like you do.

3. He wants to touch you. He finds reason to touch you i.e. he may try to touch your back while crossing the road, or your arms while he is making a joke etc.

4. If you are lucky enough to get to see his friends, they are not surprised when they meet you. He’s been talking to his friends about you.

5. He makes effort to contact you…often. When a guy is into me, he will call me daily or at least text me daily.

6. He’ll chase you. This is a big sign. When a guy is actually into you he will chase you. You won’t have to wonder too much whether or not he likes you. His action gives you more than a clue so watch that space.

That’s it, those were the biggest and simplest answers to the question “Is he really that into me?”. And if he’s not, it’s his loss, not yours. As Bob Grant says it, don’t worry about the men that are not into you and just be The Woman Men Adore and never want to leave.


  1. ReplyServer For Dating

    I would tell him that counseling isnt about questioning his love, its about the fact that 2 people will never be perfect. Its a way to learn how to communicate with each other for good times and bad. Some very good life lessons in counseling. If he is all ready rejecting your thoughts, whats going to happen once you actually get married?

  2. Replyputrice

    if a guy who i was having a so called relationship have ended it but he still calls and text me like he use to what is he implying

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