Is keeping a DOG better than keeping a BOYFRIEND ?

REASONS why DOG is better than A MAN:
* Dogs don’t have a problem expressing affection in public.
* Dogs miss u when you’ve gone.
* Dogs feel guilt when they’ve done something wrong.
* Dogs don’t brag about whom they’ve slept with.
* Dogs admit when they’re jealous.
* Dogs don’t feel threatened by your intelligence.
* Dogs can’t feel threatened if u earn more than they do.
* Dogs mean it when they kiss u.
* Dogs will love you unconditionally.

Don’t laugh too much when you’re reading the above. I recently watched this movie Marley & Me and couldn’t help but notice how the media suggest Ms Aniston to dump her boyfriend John Mayer and opt for a dog instead.

Jen is awesome and any man is lucky to have her. We know that for a fact from how much John really loves her. He was scared  to fall in love with such a wonderful girl like Jen at the beginning, but when he realized that it was alright to be in love.. he let it all go and just went with his feelings.

How often do we find ourselves stuck with a partner who’s not meeting our needs? Too many times I’ve found women who are insecure about their relationships – be it in a new relationship or in a long-term. It’s much trickier with new relationships as women, when they fell in love, they will give everything that the man wants without even considering her needs. A woman’s need from a man could be anything – from status, sex, money, security, need to be loved and cared for.

Men, on the other hand, do not necessarily need to be in love with the woman they’re seeing. Sure, he can be as sweet as honeybee, cooks for you, fills your room with flowers. But never there when you need them, never calls you when he said he will. Sometimes we fell for those romantic gestures that men made without knowingly their intentions are so that they could sleep with us over and over again, especially if the sex is good [or should I say fantastic].

So when’s the time not to settle for less? Looking back at Jen’s example, I feel that Jen is too much of a nicer person than John. We know that highly ego craved man like John doesn’t like to get dumped first. So he made up stories how he dumped Jen first just because “she’s too nice for him and he doesn’t want to waste her time”. Whatever the reason he’s saying, I’d say he’s probably lying.

The real problem is Jen is ready to settle down with her beau while John “isn’t sure where the relationship is going”. John is afraid of the “C” word – commitment; he’s not ready to lose his single life. He’s scared to fall in love to someone who’s sweet and nice as Jen.

Jen, on the other hand, knows that John used to be a player but she risked it. She doesn’t care if her man used to be a womaniser because she’s in love. She’s madly in love that she doesn’t put her needs first before her man. This is a sad example because for such a gorgeous woman like her, she could get any man she wants. However she chooses bad boy John. They may be happy together in the mean time, but probably not for the long run. Jen deserves a much better guy who would be able to meet all her needs, and they have to come first before anything else.

Everybody has their own issues in relationships, therefore it’s much more worth it to keep a dog like Marley if you’re feeling insecure with your man. Why? Because.. dog is faithful, they will never leave us. What do you think?

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