Men stop calling – What should I do?

Many times I ‘ve heard women complain about the man in her life. “He stops calling” is a very common complaint. It happened to me too during my dating life, and I wonder, just like many other women out there, whether or not I should call a man first rather than keep on looking at my mocking phone. I mean, don’t men actually like it if women initiate some of the callings?

Hands up any of you who had ever been in this situation at least once: You’ve just met a guy that you are actually interested in, charming smile, and you feel the butterflies in your stomach. On top of that, boy doesn’t he look like he actually feels the same way like you do? But he stops calling, and you wonder why on earth does he have to go missing for?

It’s quite natural for you to wonder and feel this way, maybe you can’t handle your curiosity and start calling him, but he won’t answer. And if worse, he doesn’t return your call either. You find yourself leaving him messages, text, snail mail, you name it.

You start wondering that may be if he just sees you once more, he’ll be so intrigued back by you, and remember all those wonderful things about you – even after one date. After all, You know you both hit it off last time. Basically after that night, you have subconsciously time-warp yourself to the future too much and now your expectation has gone up high . If you’re not careful, you might end up fooling yourself and start calling this guy you barely know multiple times without them being answered.

I get this kind of questions from friends and clients all the time. Why does he stop calling me? They phrase their questions differently, but the question stays the same i.e. Why would a man whom I dated for a few weeks or whom I had a great first date with stopped calling and stopped responding to my phone calls?

Now as a general rule – one you hear most of the time, you should not call a man in this case. The best thing to do in this case is to let the man call you, at least you’ll know he is interested in talking to you. Of course, work, family, career, anything can get in the way and when a man doesn’t call it does not necessarily mean that he is not interested straight away. But you don’t want to waste your life on a man who never calls back simply because he is not interested to begin with.

Know the signs and how to handle men who don’t seem to be interested. Recognize the truth whether or not his reasons are actually valid or just avoiding you.

P.S. Recently I’ve come across this book: Why Men Pull Away and you might want to check it out. Basically, doing anything is better than contacting him right now.


  1. Replyblanca

    I started talking and dating this man for three months non stop calling texting out on dates. He opened up telling me bout his divorce. Everything was going good. Til the night i saw him we had fun and his brother called that he was arrested and he went to go bail him out. Ever since that night ….i haven’t heard from him at goodmorning text or call. Weekend came and nothing…its not like him. What does it

  2. ReplyAndrian007

    This isn’t hard, if the man stops calling, that means he’s not interested in you. Move on to another man! And please stop making it sound like this problem is unique to women. It also happens with men. I’ve had my fair share of women not responding to my emails, phone calls and text messages and the answer is still the same: the other party is not interested.

    The next time you wonder why the guy is not calling you, ask yourself this question: would you go out on a date with a guy you’re not interested in? There’s your answer.

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