The NEWEST dating terms for Men & Women

Here’s some dating trends which has been circulating in modern dating society.. What do you think?

1. M: commitment phobes
– F: are unwilling to settle for 2nd best.

2. M: players
– F : serial monogamists.

3. M: enjoy casual sex
– F : enjoy casual sex but only up till wanting a commitment and if he thought they both wanted just to enjoy casual sex and doesn’t want a commitment. He is (apparently) always using her and she is unable to enjoy casual sex, until she moves on to repeat the cycle with the next guy (refer to 1 & 2)

4. M: Face rejection earlier (no to a date), far more often than women and without reason.
– F: Have difficulty accepting rejection. After a few dates if he isn’t that into her & doesn’t ring, there is something wrong with him, NOT her.

5. M: Want bad women but only for sex, not a relationship.
– F: Women are attracted to.. and date bad boys then reject them too late because he doesn’t change.

6. M: If dating several women, is considered playing the field
– F: Is keeping her options open.

7. M: Lie
– F: Just don’t tell the whole truth (gag)

8. M: Can’t be trusted
– F: Change their minds easily

9. M: In surveys, on average, men have more sexual partners than women
– F: On average, women have fewer sexual partners than men (physically impossible the average is equal). So either men claim they had sex when they didn’t, or women claim they didn’t when they did.

10. If he falls in love too soon, he’s desperate (men have no emotions and it has to be extracted out of them under pressure)
– F: Women fall in love at 1st sight (love or lust)

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